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GeForms 1.8

GeForms 1.8: Software for creating a variety of personalized office stationeries and forms. GeForms is software that can be used for creating a variety of personalized office stationeries and forms. The program provides sophisticated form design tools, which allow you to create forms from scratch or enhance forms created from a template. GeForms also allows you to visually fill out a pre-printed form and print it. Take any paper form, scan it with GeForms. You`ve got an electronic form that you can fill out right on your computer screen

Formatic Form Printing Software 1.2.2: Formatic Form Printing Softwares - Print your form precisely
Formatic Form Printing Software 1.2.2

precisely. You do not need to fill in your form by hand. Simply type in the formatic, you can then feed your form into printer and print with Formatic. All the block and fields will be filled up precisely. All the printed form will be saved. You can easily keep track all the printed form. Just like a file cabinet, you can easily locate the printed form in the software. You can export all the data in printed form into excel file for further analysis

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pdc Form Maker 2.0.0

pdc Form Maker is the program designed to create the paperless office. Most form programs produce a bland form with no interaction with the user. Today the word is in color with pictures and automation on the form. Today innovation and creativity can be restricted because every one uses the same computer program for information processing. This program will allow you to brake out of the standard information mold.

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PrintIt 2.2

PrintIt will print up to 300 JPG, BMP, and TIF files at a time (1-25 pictures per page) with a print preview of the printed page(s). Pictures may be arranged on the page by mouse drag and drop. Borders for the printed page may be adjusted in print preview. Text (file name and/or user comment) may be added to each picture. A picture may be duplicated on a page or cropped to fit the page size.

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EZ-Forms-DD250 Fill out, print, save DD250 - Material Inspection Receiving Report with barcodes

printed page, you can quickly make changes before committing to paper. There is no need to buy pre-printed forms, as EZ-Forms-DD250 prints an actual regulation DD250 form. Since Windows is WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) you will see a perfect preview of your DD250 and DD250C. New Features include: * All of your DD250`s are stored in a database for quick retrieval for editing or cloning for the next shipment. * Barcode printing is supported

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pdc Form Reader 1.0.0

pre-printer form. When you load a form and store the information you add the information to the form database. The created databases are searchable and allow for a wide range of search functions. The pdc web site contains a large assortment of forms to download. A large amount of the forms on the pdc web site are generic forms. The term genetic means that the designed allows the form to be used with both programs and things like the company name

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Present-iT 1.3: Create powerful multi-slide presentations for on-line or printed presentations
Present-iT 1.3

presentations for on-line or printed presentations. - Add text and graphics to each slide. - Master slides give your presentation a consistent, professional look every time. - 100 professionally-designed templates; or create your own custom templates. Printing: - Print individual slides on a single page or up to 5x5 feet (tiled over multiple pages). - Print presentation handouts with 2, 3, or 6 slides/page. - Print presentation handouts with slides

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